Falling For Fashion

The time has finally come – IT’S FALL! The cool air and colorful leaves are irresistible after a brutally hot summer. In a perfect world, the temperature would automatically cool down the first day of fall. Unfortunately, the weather can be very unpredictable, so that is not the case (especially here in the south). As bad as you may want to pull out the chunky sweaters, scarves and boots and head out with your pumpkin spice latte, hold off just a little bit longer. Transitioning into fall is the hardest part of the season change. It can be cool in the morning, but throughout the day the temperature can rise up to the same as it was in the summer. The anticipation of the cooler weather doesn’t help either. Here’s a list of our favorite fall transition pieces and tips on how to wear them during this season change:

  • Plaid Flannels – The best thing about flannels is the numerous ways they can be worn. They can be worn buttoned or unbuttoned, the sleeves can be long or rolled up, they can be worn with leggings or jeans (depending on the length), and it can be tied around your waist when it gets warmer in the afternoon. 
  • Booties – Since it’s not quite time to pull out the riding boots, these are a good replacement. These can be worn with shorts, dresses, jeans or leggings. So pretty much anything, which makes things a lot easier when rummaging through the closet picking outfits to wear.
  • Dresses – The fact that dresses come in all different shapes and styles makes styling a whole lot easier. There are tank dresses, fitted, t-shirt, long-sleeved, maxi, and many more. Dresses can be easily dressed up with heels and a nice blazer, or dressed down with booties or flats and a light cardigan or a flannel tied around the waist. If it gets chilly, you can always untie the flannel and wear like a jacket.
  • Distressed Denim – As summer comes to an end, tans start to fade, and it can be hard to accept the fact that summer is over. When it is still too warm to pull out the tight skinny jeans, this style is the answer. Not only are they fashionable, but the holes in the jeans give you a breeze for a happy medium. Another go-to style is the boyfriend jean. These are made to fit loose so you aren’t sweating in them. You can also find the boyfriend jeans with a distressed look as well!
  • Boot Socks – Boot socks are adorable once the weather gets cooler, but if you just can’t wait to pull them out, they can be worn with a dress or even shorts for a more comfortable, fall look. You can also add tights when it gets cold. For some, it is hard to put the summer clothes away for the year, so for the best transitioning, just combine your fall clothes with summer pieces!
  • Faux Leather Leggings Leggings are back! What girl doesn’t love legging season? Leggings are there for you to help keep warm and comfortable when the seasons change. A more sophisticated spin to the typical leggings is the faux leather legging. They are still comfortable but the sleek look makes them a little dressier. So now you have an excuse to wear leggings wherever your heart desires!

Check out our girls Stephanie, Laney, Haley, Maria, Heather, Burgin, Kaitlyn, and Courtney in some of our favorite pieces available in store!

Photography: Lauren Tyler - http://www.lbtphotos.com