Revolving Fashion

One of the greatest things about fashion is the fact that it is always changing. Or is it? Almost every decade from the 1900’s is known for a particular style. Here is a brief rundown of the most iconic fashion decades:

  • 20’s –fringe, feathers, jewels, pearls, short hair, neutral colors
  • 40’s – polka dots, buttons, pumps, hats, flared dresses and skirts, curled hair, red lipstick
  • 70’s – crazy patterns, fringe, tie dye, anything hippie related, long hair
  • 80’s – leather, leg warmers, big hair, makeup, puffy sleeves, neon
  • 90’s – high-waist denim, acid wash denim, lots of denim, bold geometric patterns, scrunchies, crimped hair, chokers, crop tops

The fashion was constantly changing until the new millennium began. Slowly, but surely, some of the most stylish pieces from these past decades are making a comeback. For example, high-waist denim was huge last year, scrunchies came back this past year, and chokers and crop tops made a grand reappearance this summer. As summer ends and we transition into fall, the style that’s “in” right now is totally funky, far out, and did I mention groovy? THE 70’s ARE BACK and we are loving it! We’ve brought the fashion back so now we need to bring back lava lamps and disco balls, right? Here are eleven ways the 70’s has made its way back and what you can do to bring out your inner disco diva:

1. Bell Bottoms – Believe it or not, these are back in tons of different colors, prints, and textures. There is denim, corduroy, suede, or the ever-so-comfortable rayon (pictured below). The good thing about these is the fact that they can be worn for any occasion. You can add some peep toed wedges, a nice shirt and some jewelry for a night downtown or you can just throw on a plain shirt for a casual, but cute date night look!

2. Color Schemes – The 70’s were all about earth tone colors such as tan, cream, brown, mustard, and orange. These basic colors have “fall” written all over them and they complement almost everyone’s skin tone, even as we lose our summer tans. You can wear these colors all together or mix it up to get that fab look going.

3. Vintage Floral – Floral is a reoccurring pattern that has been transformed over time. Big, bold and vintage floral is one of our all-time favorite patterns. It was popular in the late 60's/70's and it's back again! This print could be on any article of clothing and adding a fringe vest or a headband adds to the hippie vibe!
4. Go With The Flow – The 80's, 90's and early 2000's were big on tight fitting clothing to show off your figure. Loose and flowy clothes have started to take over. This is popular once again (woohoo!) and can be worn for anything. These days many people like to cover up more than they did in the later 1900's. Loose clothing can be worn comfortably or dressed up to be sophisticated. It is effortless fashion, so who wouldn't want this to be back in style?
5. Fringe – Fringe is one of the biggest trends from the 70's that is back. The fringe can be on a kimono, cardigan, shirt, shoe, or vest. The fringe is a simple detail that can spice up any article of clothing. Add a fringe vest to a simple shirt to turn your outfit out of this world. It can be added to a dress as well to dress it up or make it more casual!
6. Headbands – Headband come in numerous ways. There is a headband out there that can be worn with anything. Our personal favorite are the Pink Pewter jeweled headbands (pictured below in the middle). The jewels and sparkles make outfits dressier. If you want to wear a headband with a more casual outfit, we recommend Violet Love headbands (pictured below on the left) or Natural Life boho bandeaus (pictured below on the right). The Natural Life bandeaus can also be worn over 10 different ways!
7. Prints and Patterns – Mixing prints, patterns and colors is very unique. That is one thing that stood out in the past, helping make the 70's such an iconic decade. The patterns used were mainly floral, paisley, or a mixture of different lines and shapes. The colors involved in these patterns could be categorized into two main different color schemes: bright/rainbow or neutral with hints of mustard, orange, or burgundy as previously mentioned above! Mix and match these colors with patterns for a perfect "Jackie" look.
8. Suede – Along with fringe, suede is one of the biggest trends at the moment. The fringe and suede is often intertwined for the perfect 70's look. This texture is very soft and it comes in many colors. The more popular colors are camel, brown, black and tan. These colors go with anything so it is easy to add a little suede for a more subtle 70's feel.
9. Tie Dye – The beauty of tie dye is that it comes in literally any and every color. Wear bright and colorful tie dye for a hippie look or more calm colors that could be worn anytime. You can emphasize the tie dye by wearing it as a dress or as a top with simple bottoms. To tone it down a little, add a cardigan, vest or kimono!
10. Vests – So many vests, but not enough closet space. Vests come anywhere from fur or crochet, to suede, cargo, and many more. Suede fringe vests are huge right now, but another one of our favorites is the faux leather with faux sheep lining or suede with the faux sheep lining as pictured below.
11. Mock Neck – Turtle necks have always been a trend that has come and gone through the years. The perfect spin on the turtle neck is the mock neck. It isn't as high or thick around the neck, making it more popular than the turtle neck. This past summer, mock neck tank tops came back. Now that the weather is cooler, the mock neck is added to dresses. Dresses can be fixed up to wear in warm or cool weather just by adding a few accessories such as boots, tights, cardigans, etc. These infamous mock neck dresses are also made in long sleeve or 3/4 length sleeves, so they couldn't be any more perfect to wear while this style is "in" this season!

Mix and match these eleven details to get the perfect 70s look which is currently "in." As fashion keeps revolving, so do we! All of these looks are available while supplies last here at The Refinery! Keep up with us by following us on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest @shoptherefinery and don’t forget to "like" us on Facebook!