2303 Wholesale Inquiry

Thank you for your interest in our exclusive 2303 Apparel!

We're so happy that you are looking into our 2303 Apparel line.  

If approved to be a retailer, you must agree to:

  • First order minimum $500 per store location.
  • Retailer must reorder quarterly to keep zip code protection. If a retailer fails to reorder quarterly their zip code will be open to other stores within the zip code. 
  • Accounts with more than one store must have each location approved before the line can be sold.
  • Please respect that we have a 2-2.5 mark-up that we require our customers to honor. If you fail to honor this markup we will mark your account as in-active.
  • No order cancellations. Please contact 2303 Apparel if you have any questions.